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Lord of the Rings Online going “free-to-play” — is WoW next?

Some good news for MMORPGers — The Lord of the Rings Online is going free-to-play in a couple of months. Now, it’s not entirely “free”. You have a gold limit (albeit a large one) with the free service and you … Continue reading

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The Kia Soul Hamster Ad — Somebody Must PAY

Seriously. Whoever greenlighted this idea should be taken out back and put out of his or her misery like Ol’ Yeller. After watching this annoying piece of garbage a few times, I have decided a few things. First, I will … Continue reading

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The curse of the long back…

So I get up this morning, I head for the coffee; I put my hands on the counter for just a second and WHAM my back goes out on me. I spent fifteen minutes just lying on the floor trying … Continue reading

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