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Fallout patch for PS3 goes live

The 1.01 patch for Fallout: New Vegas has gone live on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the same patch that PC users got roughly five days ago. There is, if I’m reading the news correctly, another patch on … Continue reading

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Fallout: New Vegas full of bugs

I was thinking of doing a review of Fallout: New Vegas, but decided to hold out because the game is so buggy at the moment. Bugs include:  Constant crashes, draw distance problems, hitching up while traveling the wasteland, and on … Continue reading

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Dead Rising 2 for the PS3: Review

Before I really start my brief review, let me disclose the following: I absolutely frickin’ love games that involve killing zombies. LOVE them. And one of the best zombie-killing franchises of all-time, Resident Evil, has decided to switch over to … Continue reading

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Disabling the Civilization 5 opening video

Civ 5 was driving me nuts. Every time I started it, I got the annoying opening cutscene, and it seemed the only way past it was to randomly hit keys, until it would eventually stop. I’ve found a better fix, … Continue reading

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Jeff Jacoby — Finalist for the 2010 Bastiat Prize

Um, the title of the post pretty much says it all. 🙂 The rest of the finalists can be found here:

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