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Fix for Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Launch Bug

I’ve noticed on a few gaming boards that several people are having problems starting up Witcher 2. They launch the game, see a wolf splash screen, then they’re either returned to the Launcher screen, or, if they launched with the … Continue reading

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And now, a dirty penguin joke…

A penguin is driving across the country in his car when the engine overheats and he has to pull over into the nearest garage. The mechanic greets him and says, “Well, it’s going to take me about an hour to … Continue reading

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inFamous 2 for the PS3: Review

The first inFamous dropped like a bomb on the Playstation 3 exclusive scene. It was probably the best exclusive Sony IP people had seen. I’m happy to report that, aside from a few minor grievances I have with the game, … Continue reading

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