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He peed on my rug!

“That’s right, Dude, they peed on your f–king rug.” And that rug REALLY tied the room together.

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Professor Henry Higgins — Never Let a Woman in Your Life

You know, all my life, I’ve wanted to play Henry Higgins on stage. Seriously. *wink*. Anyway, allow the good professor to explain why I am single. He puts it better than I ever could.

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Text of Rand Paul’s Speech on Immigration Reform

Paul delivered this today to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of commerce. He’s quite geared up already for a run…now, my only comment here is, aye, Senator Paul, we need the conservatives on board, so I see putting border security first, … Continue reading

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Tour and Fury

Alright, Obama administration, I have really had it with you people now. Nicely done on the White House tours for schoolkids thing. You utter pricks! I mean, how dare you do this? It is one of the most blatant, sickening, finger-wagging … Continue reading

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Sonnet 53

In shadows half the days of men are spent. Across the world the dark remains the same; For we are cursed, and blind, and lame; The hard stone of real’ty will not relent. This day surrounds us all; we are … Continue reading

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Hamlet Act 3, Scene 1 soliloquy (“To be or not to be”)

This is Brannagh doing the Act 3 Scene 1 “to be or not to be” soliloquy from Hamlet. There’s someone hidden behind the mirror, I think (it’s a two-way mirror). Brannagh is usually an unbelievable ham but he actually tones … Continue reading

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Hell yeah, Rand Paul

Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC 2013: Note, at17:02 — “Our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. The new GOP will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere. If we’re going to have a … Continue reading

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Update on my mother’s cancer (renal papillary carcinoma)

Okay, just giving y’all a quick update on my mom. The official diagnose is “renal papillary carcinoma”; the tumor is about 2.6 cm big (that’s small; we’ve caught it at an early stage — good news). I’ve been looking at … Continue reading

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Jeff Jacoby: Useful Idiots, then and now

The following is a repost of Jeff Jacoby’s column “Useful Idiots, then and now”, from the Boston Globe, March 13th, 2013. I do not own the rights to this article; it is being reposted purely for the promotional value of … Continue reading

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Latest on my mother’s tumor (malignant)

Ah, okay, my mom got her biopsy results back today for the tumor on her kidney, and it’s malignant. Typing this out because I don’t want to have to keep explaining the same story to people over and over. All … Continue reading

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