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Madden NFL 2011 for the PS3: Review

Well, it’s that time of year again. Pre-season football is on the airwaves, and the latest installment in EA Sport’s Madden franchise has been released. There are two main changes in Madden this year. First, they’ve introduced a totally new … Continue reading

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The La Quinta dubbed sci-fi movie ad

In miscellany, I was wondering why the La Quinta ad which features two guys in a rocket extolling the virtues of La Quinta rooms seemed so familiar. Finally I got it. The movie is The Phantom Planet, and was lampooned … Continue reading

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Dripping or “drysmoking”

If you’re an e-cigarette user you may have, at some point, heard about “dripping” or “drysmoking” your e-cig. I’ve tried it, and I have to say, I’m fairly impressed with the results. It’s simple to do, but first make sure … Continue reading

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What the F**K is this ad about?!?!

Okay. I just ran across this ad while surfing around on Now, will you please tell me, what does an age-progressed picture of Nick Nolte have to do with refinancing your mortgage? Can someone please explain this to me? … Continue reading

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Natasha Alam nude in Playboy…link to the pictures from the shoot…NSFW

I don’t watch True Blood, but maybe I should… The photos for Natasha Alama’s Playboy shoot, at least a large number of them, can be found here: …and I would advise against looking at this while at work. 😉

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