The Kia Soul Hamster Ad — Somebody Must PAY

Seriously. Whoever greenlighted this idea should be taken out back and put out of his or her misery like Ol’ Yeller.

After watching this annoying piece of garbage a few times, I have decided a few things. First, I will buy a giant toaster before I buy a Kia Soul. Second, rendered hamsters are fucking creepy. And they’re even creepier when they dress up in hip-hop attire.

Third, and most important, “The Choice is Yours” by Black Sheep is a great song and even this evil, vile, horrid commercial will not stop me from liking it.

What, are the Kia ad execs now sniffing airplane glue or something?

Worse yet, scanning the Internet, I keep running across people who love this ad. One person said, “I wanted to rush out and buy a Soul right away!”

These people should not be allowed to breed.

This commercial came very close to forcing me to create a new category to file the post under, something like, “Things That Are Desperately Wrong And Make Me Want To Off Myself”.

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