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David’s Guides to MUDding

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… There was a young man named Kip, who was away at college in Berkeley, CA, and who was obsessed with computer games and the beginnings of the Internet. It was … Continue reading

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Dying Light debuts on PC with a myriad of faults; my fixes

Well, Dying Light is here, and from what I’ve been seeing around the Internet, this game suffers from the usual “meant for console, ported to PC” problems. The first thing I noticed was that in SLI mode I would get a … Continue reading

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Review of some Velvet Cloud Vapor e-liquids

Alright, some quick juice reviews for you. I recently found out about Velvet Cloud Vapor, @SFVapor on Twitter, located in, of course, San Francisco. They make high quality VG (vegetable glycerin)-only juices. So far I’ve ordered six and tried five. … Continue reading

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Why Samsung Tech Support is worthless (and LG and Apple aren’t)

What an Orwellian few days I have had dealing with Samsung. Let me bring you up to speed — I have a TV that’s less than two months old, and it has a dead pixel smack dab in the middle … Continue reading

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Spicy Tomato Jewelry

Hey, in passing here, I threw up a post related to Keb earlier, and I really should be nicer here; remember there are two sides to every relationship. Anyway, point is, besides being a full-time tech career woman, on the … Continue reading

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The answer to ALL your troubles.

Good morning, East Coasters! Feeling down? Stressed out? Tired? THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS IS HERE. It’s a RiffTrax of the Vanilla Ice vehicle “Cool as Ice”. It’s also the best $10 you will ever spend in your entire … Continue reading

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Electronic Cigarettes For Dummies: A Brief Beginner’s Guide

Electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigs, are really coming on strong now. You finally have a product that replicates the sensation of smoking and delivers a dose of nicotine to your lungs — with none of the nasty tar stuff or … Continue reading

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PS3 Media Server — a free tool for streaming from PC to PS3

Well, I was up all hours last night messing around with the media sharing capabilities of Windows Media Player. Eventually I got frustrated with trying to make WMP work correctly, and during a marathon search session, I found a much … Continue reading

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VLC — the best media player for Windows (or any computer)

Okay, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this, but I stopped using Windows Media Player a loooonnng time ago. I switched over to something called VLC — VideoLAN Player. The C comes from “client”, but since it’s no longer … Continue reading

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Quick Review of Dead Island DLC: Ryder White

Let me sum this up quickly: Do not buy the Dead Island DLC Ryder White. Come on, guys, this is not how you do DLC. Ryder White is supposed to show us the events of Dead Island from the viewpoint … Continue reading

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