Another Family Guy Joke Explained: Juliette Lewis Making Out With Dogs

In Season 14, Episode 16 of “Family Guy”, titled “The Heartbreak Dog”, the writers hint that Juliette Lewis makes out with dogs. Peter finds out that Bonnie has made out with Brian and blurts out, “My God! Who would do that? Does anybody know who would do that for real?” That’s followed a quick flash of a photo of Juliette Lewis with the caption, “We don’t know, but maybe?”

It all clears itself up when you see the following picture of Juliette Lewis “scratching her thigh” while taking her dog for a walk, taken by the Daily Mail of the UK:

Cheeky scratch: Juliette Lewis was caught with her hand down her trousers as she took her pet pooch for a walk around Los Angeles on Wednesday 
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