Lord of the Rings Online going “free-to-play” — is WoW next?

Some good news for MMORPGers — The Lord of the Rings Online is going free-to-play in a couple of months.

Now, it’s not entirely “free”. You have a gold limit (albeit a large one) with the free service and you have only three character slots. And you do not have the same priority in logging in during busy times as a “Premium” or “VIP” (paying) member. But this is good news.

Turbine already took Dungeons and Dragons Online free and it’s working just fine. Same math holds true with that MMO, though — if you remain a paying member, you get more perks.

Still, this is a good move. And Blizzard may be contemplating taking the grand-daddy of ’em all, World of Warcraft, free as well. You can read about a potentially free WoW over here.

Well, actually, I guess Everquest is the real “grand-daddy of ’em all” but let’s not parse things too finely.

See you online — for free!

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