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Review of some Velvet Cloud Vapor e-liquids

Alright, some quick juice reviews for you. I recently found out about Velvet Cloud Vapor, @SFVapor on Twitter, located in, of course, San Francisco. They make high quality VG (vegetable glycerin)-only juices. So far I’ve ordered six and tried five. … Continue reading

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Electronic Cigarettes For Dummies: A Brief Beginner’s Guide

Electronic cigarettes, known as e-cigs, are really coming on strong now. You finally have a product that replicates the sensation of smoking and delivers a dose of nicotine to your lungs — with none of the nasty tar stuff or … Continue reading

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Cleaning your e-cig atomizer (Joye 510, 510-T, eGo, and eGo-T)

Recently I’ve been going through old atomizers, trying to clean them so they work again. The first thing I tried was what the manufacturer recommends: holding it under extremely hot water for a good while, then leaving it out to … Continue reading

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A quick note regarding VG vs. PG

Okay, this is just a short tip for vapers. The two types of fluid used in e-cigs are Propylene Glycol (PG, same stuff used in fog machines), and Vegetable Glycol (same as PG but with a vegetable base). Now, here’s … Continue reading

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