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Transcript of Stephen Colbert’s testimony before Congress

I know a lot of you have been probably looking for a transcript of what Colbert said in front of Congress yesterday on the subject of migrant workers. So here it is. This is not the full transcript; he took … Continue reading

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Civilization 5 for the PC: Review

Great Balls of Fire, Civilization 5 has hit the shelves. This is a great, great game. It always has been. And the fifth installment just makes it better. The beauty of Civ 5 is that if you’re new to the … Continue reading

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Use your Logitech Rumblepad 2 with Xbox360-controller games

Okay, I’ve been using this a lot myself but haven’t gone through the trouble of putting it up for other people. If you have a game that takes an Xbox 360 controller, and you have a Logitech Rumblepad 2, you’re … Continue reading

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Comcast TiVo experiment mercifully over

My Comcast TiVo box recently bricked on me, and I was more than happy to turn it in for a regular Comcast DVR — well, one of the new ones (DCX3400s) with the 320 gig hard drive (50 hours of … Continue reading

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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days — Review for the PC

I really don’t have a lot to say about this game. Except that it’s awful. It’s one of the most poorly-designed games I’ve ever played. This sequel reunites you with Kane & Lynch, they of the homicidal killing sprees (and … Continue reading

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Enabling 30-second DVR skip on the new Comcast DCX3400 box

Dug this up. Here you go. First: 1) Select Aux 2) Hold Setup 2 flashes 3) Enter 01376 2 flashes Next: 1) Select Aux button 2) Hold SETUP, 2 flashes 3) Type 994, 2 flashes 4) Tap SETUP 4) Enter … Continue reading

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How to turn on closed captioning on a Comcast box

Here’s a little bit of knowledge I stumbled across. I’ve been trying to set up closed captioning on my Comcast box for a while now, and basically gave up, until I did some searching today and came up with the … Continue reading

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