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Why I’m not up in arms over the bombing (and jumping on the hype) — Boston Bombings

You may have noticed that while I am from Boston (well, Wellesley, then Cape Cod, and points in-between) — look, people from MA say they’re “from Boston” if they’re from around Boston because the point is, we’re Massholes…people who live … Continue reading

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Doctor Who — A Doctor Snippet Speech — Is This World Protected?

Okay, first off, new category, since it deserve it: Doctor Who. Next up, the scene from Doctor Who just is useful in explaining my (and a lot of other Whovians’…and generally civilized people’s) opinion of the world. Not just the … Continue reading

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Me doing a blurry Doctor Who pose

Right, so, here’s me — hopefully you notice I’ve dropped all the weight (and by the way, I didn’t really even try to diet — drink coffee, as it is an appetite depressant, and don’t snack, and just cut calories) … Continue reading

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…and Contact Form Back Up with CAPTCHA

Okay, I have put the contact form back up with a basic CAPTCHA function; hopefully this will solve the spamming problem. If not, down it goes again.

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Contact Form temporarily disabled

Sorry, folks, someone’s trying to take advantage of my contact form. I think it’s a certain prick who once had a healthy cocaine habit — if he doesn’t stop, I’ll let you know his name — and I’ve got an … Continue reading

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Reflections on my celibacy, and a brief note about Boston

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Henry V — St. Crispin’s Day Speech

Right, while I’m posting epic speeches, why don’t we go right to possibly the most epic speech ever written…I’m looking at you, Mr. The Bard… *ahem* <clears throat>

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Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens — The Doctor’s Speech

Okay, right, so I put up the Akhaten speech, but, I mean, that was a bit of weak episode except for that scene. Well, anyway, point is, if I’m going to put that up, I should put up the epic … Continue reading

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Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten – The Doctor’s Speech

Okay, I’m betting a bunch of you out there want to memorize that kickass monologue from the last Doctor Who (Rings of Akhaten), don’t you? Okay, here it is. Enjoy. The video is at the bottom. Okay then. That’s what … Continue reading

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ALL THAT JAZZ — “There’ll be Some Changes Made”

I appreciate the sentiment, but…not gonna happen, I don’t think.

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