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Obama: Blowin’ in the Wind

Charles Krauthammer has a great article out this week which ends by stating that the Clintons will look “scrupulous” next to Obama’s sudden hard-changing ways. And yes, it has begun, and the media has barely even picked it up. Opting … Continue reading

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George Carlin passes away & the Seven Dirty Words

George Carlin died today of heart failure at age 71. In honor of the great man, here is the famous “Seven Dirty Words” routine posted for your enjoyment. “I love words. I thank you for hearing my words. I want … Continue reading

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Meet the new pol, same as the old pol

Months ago, Barack Obama and John McCain agreed to use public financing in the general election, and accept the restrictions that go along with it. Now Obama has gone back on his promise, while McCain is still keeping it. Why? … Continue reading

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Drill, drill, drill, DRILL

If we could fuel our cars with hot air, I think we’d have an incredibly large amount of surplus energy. Now, I’ve been accused of putting out “McCain propaganda” for grudgingly supporting the Senator for President. As I’ve pointed out … Continue reading

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A man after my own lungs…

Here’s an interesting piece. It’s an op-ed published in the New York Times today which tongue-in-cheekily suggests that Barack Obama could pick up those “bitter” voters he’s looking for…by picking up a pack of Winstons and lighting up again. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Complete list of the in-game website in GTA IV

Just for fun, here’s a list of all the websites accessible while playing GTA IV (they do not actually exist in real life, etc.): limevenus.blogsnobs.orgmail.eyefind.infopychakilla.blogsnobs.orgwww.americantravelguide.netwww.antfarmcam.netwww.area53site.comwww.artthrob.orgwww.a-thousand-words.netwww.autoeroticar.comwww.babiesovernight.comwww.beanmachinecoffee.comwww.bigdog.blogsnobs.orgwww.blogsnobs.orgwww.bruciesexecutivelifestyleautos.comwww.bulimialovers.comwww.burgershot.netwww.chiropracticovernight.comwww.craplist.netwww.darksoullock.blogsnobs.orgwww.designerslave.comwww.domestobotlovers.comwww.dragonbrainthemovie.comwww.easterislandcoverup.comwww.eatbiglogs.comwww.eddielowfilthslayer.blogsnobs.orgwww.elchamucoroboto.comwww.electrictit.comwww.electronicwritingtablet.comwww.erisfootware.comwww.eugenicsincorporated.comwww.eunux.netwww.eyefind.infowww.fantasyleaguebatswingers.comwww.fefighter2008.blogsnobs.orgwww.fistfans.comwww.flyhighpizzapie.comwww.freejames.orgwww.friendswithoutfaces.netwww.fruitcomputers.comwww.gloryholethemepark.comwww.goldberglignerandshyster.comwww.golfloversonline.netwww.grype.orgwww.hand-jobs-online.comwww.happyfarmersupplies.comwww.heritagenothate.orgwww.homecremation.comwww.homeworkfriend.orgwww.hornyhighschoolreunions.comwww.huganimals.comwww.ilovetoblow.orgwww.inyapuper*

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The FULL Tricia Helfer (Number 6) Playboy Shoot

A while ago I posted a link to some of the best pictures from the Tricia Helfer (Cylon “Number Six” from Battlestar Galactica) on here; I’m proud to announce that I’ve found a site that has all the photos. Just … Continue reading

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Tim Russert dies…

Yeah. That’s out of left field, huh? Tim Russert is dead. Well, Godspeed, Tim, Godspeed…

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A sad day…

Well, Hillary’s out and the bruising Democratic primary fight is over. This is welcome news for Democrats but we Republicans would have liked to have seen it gone on a bit longer. Now Hillary is obviously pushing for VP…but, as … Continue reading

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Tricia Helfer’s nude Playboy pictures

Aye, I should have gotten to this a while ago…but…anyway, all the pictures to Tricia Helfer’s photo shoot in Playboy magazine a while ago are right here for your…er…viewing “pleasure”: **WARNING** Adult Content at above link, uncensored photographs. Tricia … Continue reading

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