A sad day…

Well, Hillary’s out and the bruising Democratic primary fight is over. This is welcome news for Democrats but we Republicans would have liked to have seen it gone on a bit longer.

Now Hillary is obviously pushing for VP…but, as Fred Barnes has pointed out, this is a test of Barack’s character right here. He can’t continue his messsage of “change” and have a Clinton on the ticket. The Clintons are anything but change.

Let’s admit an ugly little truth, here, too. Everyone is proud that Obama has been nominated; that a black man has received a nomination for the highest office in…well, arguably the world…from his party. But the ugly little truth I’m referring to is that Obama won because he is black. If Obama had been the exact same person with the exact same speaking style and been white, you could say hello to HRC, your Democratic nominee.

Now, Obama has yet to move to the center for the general, although he has months to do that — and needs to do that. He’s far left on everything, and I don’t agree with him on…well, pretty much anything. He’s a compelling personality and a charismatic man but, from my point of view, he’s got the wrong ideas about governing.

But McCain isn’t capitalizing. Instead, McCain is doing things like delivering speeches on global warming. Give it up, Johnny-boy. You are not going to win the election on global warming. Anyone who believes in the dangers of man-made climate change to the point where they’re going to vote on that issue and that issue alone…is going to vote for Barack Obama. You can’t win an election by letting your opponent dictate the issues. That’s what an election is about — setting the agenda.

The candidate who sets the agenda of issues in this election will win. If Obama turns the issues leftwards, so we’re talking about man-made climate change and “how quickly” we should leave Iraq, as opposed to even considering the possiblity of staying, McCain is going down. However, if McCain hammers away on national security, taxes, limited government…he’s got a much better chance of winning.

Ah, well, the gloves are off now. Let’s see what happens.

I will say this, though: I do not believe Obama is going to pick Clinton as VP and drag her and the baggage known as Bill Clinton along with him for the general. Besides, he’s already going to do as well in New York state as he can without Hillary, so she doesn’t give him any swing states.

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