The “dream ticket” issue Obama has to deal with immediately

Okay, so unless you’ve been living in a cave (assuming the cave is not wired for cable, like mine is), you know that Hillary has been floating around the idea of a “dream ticket” with Hillary on top and Obama in the VP slot.

Hillary knows what she’s doing. The math is against her, and the stalemate between her and Obama shows no sign of ending anytime soon. So she needs to woo the “superdelegates” at the convention, and one big way of doing that is by floating the “dream ticket” idea past them.

Now, as you can see above, Obama has already started trying to shake this idea, but he needs to do much more. He needs to reject the potential VP spot right now. As forcefully as possible. Because if a Clinton-Obama ticket emerges, I am telling you right now, Obama’s supporters are going to be disgusted.

Obama should be out there stumping saying, look, I have more delegates, I have the popular vote, and Hillary Clinton is trying to steal this election. I really believe he needs to start saying things like that, because this is exactly what Hillary Clinton is trying to do — enter in a brokered convention and woo the “superdelegates” with the dream-team idea, marginalizing Obama in the process.

If Obama accepts a VP spot under Clinton, there is going to be shock and horror among a lot of his supporters, and I’m telling you right now — the “Uncle Tom” issue will be dragged out in the light, valid or not, salient or not.

So Obama needs to kill this right now. Hammer away with, “I am running for president, I’m not running for vice president — and I am winning. And Hillary Clinton wants to steal this nomination from us.”

Because that is exactly what Hillary wants to do. And Obama has to stop the momentum this issue is getting and get rid of the 2-for-1 deal. If I were on his staff, I would be advising him right now to get out there and say that he would never, under any circumstances, allow himself to a VP option for Hillary Clinton — especially since he’s winning.

Obama needs to take care of this forcefully and he needs to take care of it now, because the “dream team” ticket issue is already generating a lot of buzz. Obama needs to stop that dead and remind people that not only is he running for *president* and not *vice-president*, but also this a blatant attempt on Hillary’s part to thwart the will of Democratic primary voters.

And yes, before you ask, I like Obama. As a person. Politically, he’s extremely liberal, so I’d certainly have problems with him as president, but I’ll tell you one thing — it’d be easier on the ears to listen to Obama for 4-8 years than to listen to Hillary for 4-8 years.

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