How to boost your iPod’s volume drastically

Okay, been hunting around for a way to do this for a while, but never really bothered to try. Finally did, and found an easy way to REALLY ramp up the volume of your iPod.

First, I take ZERO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage this might cause to speakers, headphones, or your iPod. Modding is always slightly dangerous at best.

With the disclaimer gone, let’s proceed. It’s easy.

First, download euPod here. It’s freeware.

Open up euPod and boost the volume all the way up (it’s hard to miss how to do it).

Go into iTunes, select all (Ctrl-A in Windows), and then right click and choose “Get Info”. Under the options tab, you’ll see a volume boost option. Ramp it up all the way to 100% if you want.

Sync the iPod and when you play it the next time, be forewarned that everything will be MUCH louder.

Hope this helps some folks.

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