That Warm And Fuzzy Feeling

Ah. So the holidays are over. The relatives are still here, but the holidays, at least, are over. Time to decompress a little. My parents have an anniversary coming up, and they keep insisting I not get them anything, but I keep wondering if perhaps I should.

I’m DVRing a “Mythbusters” marathon. I have, of course, informed my father that he is not allowed to watch any of it, as he will NOT stop mocking my DVR. Mock not my DVR!

Oh, yes, and J.B. and A.R. are headed over…tomorrow? Tomorrow. Will be good to see them.

I have caught up with S.C. in Germany, in-between absinthe binges, apparently. He has sent me the links to a couple of new “cinema advertisements” he worked on — or maybe they aren’t ads, maybe they’re porn, God only knows, I haven’t checked the links yet…if anyone’s interested, they’re:

Not much else to report. I have decided NBA Live is playable but not quite as good as my ol’ NBA 2kx series. It has its high points. Er. Right. Happy post-Holidays, all!

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