Frigging Snow

Right, so there’s snow on the way, and we’re in the middle of the damn highest-range circle, bulls-eye. 6-10 inches. You know, I know people in countries that never get snow that are entranced by it. I’d gladly ship it all to them.

Really bad thing is — I sleep really late. ‘course, if you know me, you know this, but then again, maybe you don’t know me. So, sleeping late as I do, by the time I’ve gotten up, my father, who could easily have a heart attack shoveling snow, has gone out and done some shoveling without waking me up, and I feel evil and generally useless, even though I do tell him to wake me the hell up and get me out there.

And to those people who don’t get snow who are entranced by it — sure, YOU try shoveling it, YOU try driving in it, YOU walk around in it, YOU wait until it turns to blackened slush. “Beautiful” my lily-white arse.


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