Holiday Update

Well, Christmas is over. N.S. and H.M. stopped by, it was a great couple of hours of catching up and fun. I am highly impressed by N.S.’s choice of girlfriends.

In other news, I managed to contact D.F. on the West Coast — all is well, he is recovering from his food coma and preparing to spend New Year’s with M. (I forget her last initial, I’m horrible), who apparently owes him a good New Year’s as she gave him a less-than-stellar one last year. Reports have also filtered in that A. (again, I forget) is now down to earth and dating a nerdy sort of guy with a good heart; S. (I forget her last name, okay, I’m really bad) has a great house that I should “peep” (you know you’re dealing with people in SoCal when they tell you you have to “peep” something *grin*). So all seems well over there, and I’m glad about that, because I miss D.F.’s laid-back and mellow attitude about life a great deal. Ah well, comes with going to school out in California and then holing up in MA.

And, of course, the pickup truck with the relatives from Minnesota is only a few hours away now. My father is in hog heaven. My mother and I are…well…we’re happy for my father. Somewhat. I’m just a little ticked I’m getting kicked out of my bed and made to sleep on the floor. Other than that, I’ll do my best to be pleasant.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and will be having a good New Year’s! Ah, reminds me, last person to contact me, L.S., she is also doing well and bouncing from coast to coast in her pursuit of studying fish.

Everybody Wang-Chung tonight.

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