Beware of iPhone screen protectors with liquid applicators

Just a warning here. I bought a “Bodyguarz” screen protector, and I want to severely steer you away from buying this brand or any other that uses a liquid applicator to help affix itself to the surface of your phone.

The reason? Water is not good for your iPhone. I used a minimal amount of fluid with the Bodyguardz protector, and my home button stopped working. After two days of drying out, it’s finally working again — although not as smoothly as I’d like it to. I’m going to wait another few days, and if it’s not totally better, I’m going to have to either exchange the phone or have someone replace the Home button (which is relatively easy to do but which I am not going about doing myself as it voids the iPhone warranty).

And if you do mess up your iPhone with a liquid applicator, and have to bring it into an Apple store — it just happened. You did not use a liquid applicator. Because methinks that would also help to void the iPhone warranty.

Stick to the dry-apply films, as annoying as they may be. You’ll thank me later.

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