I hate Ted Kennedy with a passion…

Good God. Okay. I watch The Daily Show. It’s liberal, but it’s not that bad. But tonight was awful. They trot out Ted Kennedy (who you don’t get to see walk out like other guests, most likely so you can’t really see how ENORMOUSLY fat he is), and Jon Stewart falls all over himself fawning over Kennedy. No witty repartee, no jokes, no nothing, just about ten minutes of pure Kennedy ass-kissing. Like Stewart has any clue what it’s like to be a) middle class, b) live in Massachussetts, or c) be middle-class living in Massachussetts with Kennedy as your Senator.

The only conservative Stewart (and the rest of the libs) fawn over like that is John McCain, and McCain still thinks he can bank on the press loving him to get him into the White House. He’ll be in for a bit of a shock once he actually starts running — the press will finally realize he’s pretty much a conservative and start crapping all over him.

But man — I tried to listen to Kennedy talk for two minutes, and my heart-rate went up so fast I had to fast-forward so I didn’t destroy the TV in a fit of rage.

I bet he has a myspace.com account.

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