I hate myspace.com with a passion…

Yeah, you heard me. I fucking hate that site. If you can actually call it a site — rather, more a collection of the largest number of freaks who seem to be PERVERSELY INSISTENT ON MAKING THE WORST AND MOST SENSUALLY (IN THE SENSE-SENSE) OFFENSIVE WEBSITES POSSIBLE.

I have a lurker account on there, where I go to see how many people I used to know are getting sucked into the myspace black hole of stupidity.

Some uppity whore was on “The Showbiz Show”, a Tila Tequila, who is apparently the myspace.com user with the most friends (no I won’t actually link to myspace, dammit, the post would actually smell from wherever you read it)…this gets her a spot on a TV show? And, true to form, she was a bubbling idiot. “Myspace is, like, um, high school!” she quipped.

Yes. And high school is stupid. Yes, I partied all the time in high school, took huge bong hits, drank more beer than conceivable, mixed it with whiskey, still pulled good grades, got laid, and into a good school, but high school is OVER you 30-ish people on myspace! Over, I said! Over! Get the hell off that site!

I can understand a geeky 16 year old who wants friends logging on there. I cannot tolerate the people I know, in or near their 30s, who are still…apparently looking for friends who think we’re all still in high school. Or attention. Or something else that involves bondage. Hey, try this — START A DAMN BLOG! And one that has text you can READ on it that isn’t covered by pictures of “Morrisey” or some shit like that. And no, I don’t give a rat’s ass if I misspelled his name.

God, I hate that site.

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