Peace in the Valley

Well, the relatives have dispersed, and while this is displeasing to my father, it’s sorta nice to have the house back to being quiet. You know, that whole after-the-holidays psychic hangover thing. It always gets postponed a little around here. Now, the trees are coming down, and that depresses me, but what can you do? The Tree Guy (always a guy for everything) is coming to take them away this Saturday.

There really ain’t a hell of a lot going on. Dribs and drabs of contract work (I still wait and pray for electrical casings documentation every day)…and…um…video games. Well, dammit, I have to play them sometime, don’t I? I wonder if I’m going to want all the video game time back when I die. “God, wait, hold on, can I just have those 10 years I spent mastering Metal Gear Solid 2 back? No? Aw, crap…”

Oh, yes, and after resurrecting my old email address, I am STILL getting four hundred or so spam emails a DAY. These are some persistent damn spammers. I must now devise a super ultra-secret email address and give it only to my closer inner circle of advisers…

Ah, well. Hope things are more exciting for everybody else. I’ve resolved to make some New Year’s resolutions, but I can’t seem to get myself to do it. Thppthh!

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