Feral Cortex 2013

Well, there. It seems increasingly evident that the current White House administration is, at best, completely incompetent in using power. Or — isn’t so subtle misusing it. This is the sort of thing that is birthed by Obama’s perpetual campaign mode…The Neverending Charm Offensive, if you will.

But, so far, the administration has been able to come out somewhat weakened but still on top. I don’t know about this one. And by “this one” I mean the combo of IRS and Benghazi. Benghazi is a long-leaking affair that simmers; the IRS scandal, however, has gone whacko the first couple of days. At the very least, you have to say things have gone south for the Obama administration this week. And for Obama himself. They clearly don’t have a handle on this.

The thing about the IRS, Mr. President, is that the IRS pisses everybody off, and you decide to let it oversee Obamacare…and then this breaks? Hey, Obama, “your” idol Lincoln (cough *Republican* cough) used to say — you can fool some o’ the people all o’ the time, all of them some o’ the time, but not all o’ them all o’ the time. Shame on you!

This noxious cloud you have created is the very antithesis of “transparency” in government, Mr. President, I am sorry to say. And fairness. We, the people, are not allowed to fuck with the IRS. They can seriously screw our lives over. I faithfully do not fuck with the IRS. And now, you’re telling me that I might be under closer scrutiny because I donated to the GOP presidential candidate?

That, my friend, is an “enemies list”.

Nobody likes an “enemies” list except total assholes. And frankly, I should be under less scrutiny, because, according to my political beliefs, you render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. I’ll give you my money. I will abide by the law. I don’t think I even have a speeding ticket, okay? Or parking ticket. I’m not kidding. In return, I ask that you not pry into affairs or opinions that are my own and that in no way harm anyone. Is that too much to ask? You know, the general, “I’ll be over here doing my own thing, not bothering you, if I am, just tap me on the shoulder and mention it politely” philosophy?

The one where I keep my nose clean, because, unlike you people, if I don’t — I can’t PLEAD STUPID?

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  1. Medine says:

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