Pardon my blog being a bit sporadic at the moment; I’m still steering the boat through the waters after my dad’s triple bypass and my mom’s cancer procedure. Lots of follow ups. Plus I have got to find some work. I believe my resume is still up at https://kiplange.com/resume.html. Yeah, I know, it’s cruddy, but I’ve been contracting for a good long while now, portfolio and references available, etc. Anyway, I have to try to harness some of random energy I dump onto the Internet and turn it into more cash. I am working on that, trust me. And I don’t need much. Just some breathing room, that’s all. God *damned* crap economy. Thank you, POTUS and The Keynesian Kops. I’ll get there despite you.

P.S. Address on the resume is messed up. Will fix it at some point. Hasn’t gotten me anything in years, anyway. *shrug*

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