Obama’s Second-Term Trainwreck

Okay, I don’t have a ton of time here, so let’s keep it brief.

We’ve got the AP, IRS, and Benghazi scandals breaking (well, Benghazi was around, but the media, ‘cept Fox, swept it under the carpet obediently — now they can’t ignore it). See, my friends? Sometimes patience is a virtue. This is a President who is misusing power. His entire administration. You think they give a rat’s ass about you? Little old middle-class you? I’m not saying Mitt Romney would have actively cared more (I happen to think he would have, but that’s just me), but, I mean, let’s take a look at a very good piece originally from National Review talking about how Obama is screwing young people with the Affordable Care Act:

Obama’s War on the Young

And Obamacare is pretty much all I need to know about Obama. He knew public sentiment on the issue. He knew the public was saying, “Okay, we elected you, but we expected that some of that stuff you were talking about was bullshit. Like grabbing 1/6-1/7th of the U.S. economy and making a brand spanking new entitlement program. Hold up…”. They even went so far as to pry Ted Kennedy’s seat away in Massachussetts from the claws of the Dems with Brown touting himself as the “51st vote against” Obamacare. Thus supposedly stopping him. No, instead, the POTUS, aided by other hard-left ideologues, used arcane budget procedures NEVER intended for this sort of huge legislation to ram the damn mess through.

I warned you before he was elected; I warned you last election; I will continue to warn you. Obama is a hard-left ideologue. I don’t want to stick a stupid label like “Socialist” on him, as the umbrage of the word is simply too large, but yes he has some socialist tendencies. He also has some capitalist tendencies — believe it or not. But he is a hard-left ideologue who believes he is better than you at running your own life (which is sort of redundant).

The point I’m trying to make is, the scandals come to bear on that. This is an arrogant man. A man Sarkozy (France) described as “arrogant and naive”. Now, naivety is one thing. But couple with arrogance? It means you’re naive — and you’ll never learn. The scandals are the outpouring of this admin’s attitude — its “demons from the id”, if you want to go Freudian/Forbidden Planet — towards the country.

Um, what else? Can’t think of anything. Feral Cortex out.

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