Fallout patch for PS3 goes live

The 1.01 patch for Fallout: New Vegas has gone live on the PS3 and Xbox 360. This is the same patch that PC users got roughly five days ago.

There is, if I’m reading the news correctly, another patch on the way.

I’ve just started playing New Vegas again and can testify that at the very least the hitching/freezing that occurred while roaming the wasteland is significantly improved. There are still slight hiccups, but no out-and-out freezing. That being said, I’ve seen posts from PS3 users claiming that the following bugs still exist — the “nectar” bug, V.A.T.S. bugginess, and freezing/crashing in The Strip. I have noticed nothing wrong with V.A.T.S. so far, but I have not played through enough of the game to comment on the nectar and Strip bugs.

Expect a review from me relatively soon.

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