Republicans on probation

As happy as I am with last night’s election results, let me state the following: The Republicans have been given a second chance, and they’re on probation.

The polling showed that people are just as sick of Republicans as they are of Democrats. However, the Democrats happen to be in power, and happen to have passed a lot of unpopular (disastrous) legislation, so the country “threw the bums out” without flinching.

But, as noted above, that does not mean the electorate loves Republicans. It merely means that they’re giving Republicans another crack at things, since the Democrats have caused a mess. So mark my words, fellow Republicans — we are on probation.

If we do not move forward with an agenda that is focused on limiting government and reducing its role in people’s lives, we will get tossed out in two years. Whether Obama wins or not. So we need to deliver on our promises of restraint on spending, restraint on government, and as far as “the party of no” goes, we have to keep it up, in regards to good ol’ Barry. We need to put the brakes on his administration.

Charles Krauthammer has prononunced, “The Obama agenda is dead.” I certainly hope it is. But it could easily rise up like a zombie and start staggering forward again, moaning “TAXXXX AND SPENNNDDD!!!” (and “BRAINNNSSSS”, I suppose).

So every single one of you who got elected with an (R) next to your name, watch your ass. Barry wants an end to “partisan politics”. Interesting, since it was strict partisan politics that got his horrendous legislation passed. Put the brakes on Obama, Republicans, and start moving forward with a plan for job growth based on the private sector.

Or in two years there will be yet another bloodbath — this time as Republicans are voted out in droves and Democrats are given a second chance.

Let’s not waste our second chance. Let’s move forward aggressively. Let’s live up to what we promised in the campaign, every last iota of promises we made. Then we will deserve the respect of the people, and, consequently re-election. Or perhaps control of the Senate.

Either way, this is not the time for Rs to rest on their laurels, or, worse yet, reveal themselves to be RINOs.

Rant over.

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