Review of some Velvet Cloud Vapor e-liquids

Alright, some quick juice reviews for you. I recently found out about Velvet Cloud Vapor, @SFVapor on Twitter, located in, of course, San Francisco. They make high quality VG (vegetable glycerin)-only juices. So far I’ve ordered six and tried five.

First off, I have to say, the thing I’m loving about Velvet Cloud is their truth in advertising. When they tell you what a vapor tastes like on their site, when the bottle comes, it actually tastes like what they said it would. I have not had the same luck with many other sites.

Onto my five reviews:

Vanilla Custard — Tastes *exactly* like vanilla custard. I happen to like vanilla, so this is one of my new favorite juices. It may be too sweet and custardy for some people, though — it is awfully sweet. But I really do like the stuff. Went through two 19 ml tanks of it in no time at all. If you’ve never tried vanilla custard, think: “Butterscotchy lite”.

Night Shift — This is described on the site as “glazed chocolate and vanilla donut, with coffee mixed in”. And it tastes like it. A very subtle and smooth taste. I enjoyed it very much and went through a 19 ml tank of it in less than a day. It took a little getting used to, but I like this stuff as a smooth all-day vape.

Mewlew’s Magic — This one I did not like so much, but only because I’m not a fan of chocolate. If you love chocolate, you will love this flavor. It’s straight chocolate and quite strong. Too strong for me; I emptied it out after half a tank vaped. It’s their signature blend and most people love it.

Monkey Business — Again, this was a bit too chocolatey for me. It’s banana chocolate, basically. It vapes very well and tastes good, but, as I said, the chocolate taste overwhelmed me. Vaped 2/3rds of a tank until I moved on.

Campfire — Tastes slightly of chocolate, slightly cinnamony, slightly like toasted marshmallows. Good stuff; it reminded me of Night Shift in its smooth vape. I’m currently 1/2 a tank through this stuff and it’s vaping very –again — smoothly.

I have one flavor I haven’t tried out yet, and that’s Maple Breakfast. I’ll post on that in the future.

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