The answer to ALL your troubles.

Good morning, East Coasters! Feeling down? Stressed out? Tired? THE ANSWER TO ALL YOUR PROBLEMS IS HERE. It’s a RiffTrax of the Vanilla Ice vehicle “Cool as Ice”. It’s also the best $10 you will ever spend in your entire life. Snarky comments made from the guys from Mystery Science Theater 3000 over the entire movie. If you lived through the ’90s, this is especially hilarious. And if you don’t bust a gut laughing at this thing, you are beyond all hope. AT LEAST watch the free sample clip. Yep yep. Okay, now I’m off to “schling a schlong”, yep yep.

Click on Vanilla’s head and get transported to sheer bliss.

Vanilla Ice RiffTrax Goodness

RiffTrax takes on Vanilla Ice. EPIC! CLICK!

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