David’s Guides to MUDding

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

There was a young man named Kip, who was away at college in Berkeley, CA, and who was obsessed with computer games and the beginnings of the Internet. It was the ’90s…and he found a host of online games called “MUD”s, or Multi-User-Dungeons.

These are the precursors to the MMORPGs we see today. However, they were text-only, and you could eventually become a creator (“Wizard”, generally, on the MUD I played, it was called “Scientist”, as we were sci-fi themed).

The MUD I played was called NuclearWar and is STILL RUNNING, though not at its original site — you can telnet to it at nuclearmudusa.com port 4080.

Anyway, a good friend I made on there, David Strauss, has begun a series of videos on MUDs vs modern MMORPGs and a some introductory videos on how to log in and play MUDs. I highly recommend these videos. Especially if you’ve ever played a good text adventure and want to play one online with multiple players.

Without further ado, the link to David’s videos is right here:


Take a gander. You’d be surprised how much we’ve lost lost since the good old MUD days!

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