Captain P’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Now, to break from the norm of navel-contemplating, self-pitying single bloggers out there, I’m going to say: I like Valentine’s Day. Even being single. I have fond memories of rushing around Manhattan trying to find a suitable gift for my girlfriend at the time (ohhh yes, I found a suitable gift, and I was suitably rewarded), with the Empire State Building lit up in pinkish-red the whole time. And one particular Valentine’s Day in which another girlfriend gave me a physical gift which would be rude (although fun and very interesting) to describe here. So, I say, what the hell, who cares if I’m single. I like seeing the couples moon over each other for a day. To sum up: get the hell out there, get your girlfriend some flowers or jewelry, go out to eat, have a blast. As for me…well, my Playstation qualifies as a significant other at this point, so I’ll be sticking with that.

I just don’t know what kind of flowers it likes.

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