Good Karma

Ah hah! I have succesfully pushed and succeeded in reuniting a couple of old friends, D.F and D.R from California. I’ve also gone on to do a lot of catching up with both of them, especially D.R., who is quite an interesting character and who I never got a chance to get to know well enough on the first go-round.

It all feels karmically acceptable.

In other news, I have been staring at the template for a tri-fold brochure for a little under a week now and nothing is coming to me. I hate that. The only thing to do is to continue to stare harder and harder at the tri-fold brochure template and…well, hell, maybe if I put on my tinfoil hat, aliens will zap ideas into my brain.

I am mired in the middle of The Confusion, the second volume of The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson, and I must say, I liked the first one, Quicksilver, a good deal more. There’s even more minutiae in this one, especially about trading and movement of money, and it can get quite confusing. That being said, I still really like it.

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