My Damn Tooth

So, I’m eating a ham and cheese sandwich about two days ago, and all of a sudden there’s this crunch. I figure, hey, maybe I bit into a sharp piece of the ham or something (hams, of course, being notorious for their sharp edges). But I’ll be damned if something wasn’t wrong with my back wisdom tooth on top (I never had them removed). Part of it was wiggling, and then eventually part of it fell off, and I had to chase it with my finger so I didn’t swallow it. Currently the tooth in question has a large V-shaped indentation in it.

Now, I would be distressed, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have no dental insurance. People I have talked to insist that a wisdom tooth rotting out on you is not that unusual at all, and still others have assured me they’ve totally let teeth go and never had any pain or trouble with them. But the big thing is no dental insurance. Had I dental insurance, I would go get this “extracted” (wonderful, they hack at you with a saw for forty minutes or so). The other kicker is pain. I’m not going to say I’m NOT HAPPY I’m not in pain, but the problem is, when it’s going to be like $300 or so to get this sucker out, well, when you’re not in any pain, you don’t feel an urgent need to go to the sadistic bastard who calls himself a dentist and have him take care of it.

Also, I wouldn’t mind being sedated during the procedure, which would cost extra, but would get me away from seeing the bone-saw approach my mouth.

So, for the time being, I shall wander the Earth, the Mark of Cain, a damn v-shaped tooth, upon me, until I make a little bit more money or I get dental insurance.

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