And Patriots fans heave a sigh of semi-relief…

I feel football is more important than 9/11 candlelight vigils. So sue me.

Okay. So now us Patriots fans know something important: Laurence Maroney is the real deal. The kid can dance all over the place. We also know Gostkowski can kick a field goal. So we’re solid on that.

So why did we look so crappy for so long against the Bills and barely eke out a victory?

I don’t know. Some are saying Brady is looking for a Branch and can’t find one (since Deion’s hidden somewhere deep within the fires of Mount Doom insisting he get a Ring of Power if he’s going to show up).

There’s no doubt in my mind Brady forced a few throws, and his interception wasn’t fun to look at. Nor was the first play of the game, the fumble return by the Bills.

Okay. Here’s what I think. I think our offensive line didn’t get it together until sometime in the 3rd quarter. I think our defense once again went out there and won the day with that safety. After all, that’s the two points we won by.

That’s all I’m going to say. The rest should be obvious. Okay. I’ll say it. We need to get the offense in sync, especially our passing game and our offensive line. Our running game is looking good, but that ain’t all there is to football.

All in all, I suffered four or five heart attacks during the game, and have had to seek medical attention.

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