Roster Updates for Madden 2007

Okay, this is all the information I have. As of today, September 03, there are no roster updates available online from EA to download. You can scour the net and find some people who have noted all the roster changes so far and can guide you to manually editing them. I don’t think it’s worth it, myself, because I am betting that a roster update will be released by EA somewhere very near the September 7th opening game. That’s my two cents. They won’t want to release a roster update until the roster is finalized. I also believe I remember this was the way it was done last year.

Which is a shame, because I’d like to get my new Pats kicker and Junior Seau into the mix automatically (as well as playing other teams with correct rosters). But there will be an update out, don’t worry.

And for XBox/XBox 360 users, as far as I can tell, the rumor that you will have to pay for updates is totally wrong. I highly doubt they’re going to give them to us PS2 fans for free and turn around and charge you.

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