“Wisdom tooth rotting”

Okay. My webalizer is down for a little while, but before it went, I was noting that the top search phrase that hit this site was “wisdom tooth rotting” — as I have a wisdom tooth that has a chip that has fallen out of it and haven’t done anything about it, and wrote that I feared it would rot.

So let me say this: IF YOUR WISDOM TEETH ARE ROTTING OUT FROM UNDER YOU, GO TO A FUCKING DENTIST. This should be simple. It’s more complex with me because I have EXTREMELY sparse dental coverage — I *think* extractions are covered but I’m not sure — and so a mere visit to the kindly dentist would set me back several hundreds of dollars. So far the tooth has not fallen apart, but no doubt it will fall apart at some point and I’ll be wishing I had spent the money earlier as I scream in agony.

To repeat, then: wisdom tooth rotting = go to the damn dentist (if you can). If you have problems, like me, I understand, but also remember my teeth are NOT “rotting”. Rotting implies steady decay and a nasty smell. I just lost a chip off mine.

We clear on this?

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