Send good vibes to 3Media Web…

My hostee, 3Media Web Solutions, just upgraded to new servers. Now, if you know anything about servers, you know that this is a process which a) seems really easy and b) is actually the ninth circle of hell. The CEO, my contact over there, has been up for about four nights straight trying to resolve umpteen problems with the server — all the while keeping his clients’ websites up and running. Which, amazingly enough, he has done. The sites haven’t gone down while he’s tried desperately to restore needed backups which won’t restore and implement workarounds and…okay, look, if you’re an IT guy or gal, you know about this nightmare. He and his crew are doing a bang-up professional job of it, though. But if you have some extra good vibes, send them over there, where there are a few guys taking five minute catnaps on keyboards covered with drool. They do a great job and they deserve a little rest and I’m not just saying this because they pay me (but that doesn’t hurt, you know).

Peace out.

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