WinMX P.I.E. 3.2 Problems

Right. I wonder if anyone out there can help me. Please! I installed the new hosts file patch for WinMX, the popular peer-to-peer program — the patch is PIE, or P.I.E. 3.2 — and I fired up WinMX. Primary connections now no longer have any secondaries, so I get barely anything when I search for files. My uploads seem to time out on both a primary and secondary connection. I’ve changed the TCP/UDP ports all over the place and I can’t get anything to work (I know Comcast does throttle some of those ports so I changed them to recommended ones and zippo). The big thing is I can’t get a primary connection to work. It barely lists any files. I can log in with a secondary connection and it works just fine, but people still can’t upload from me, it seems, and secondary connections are slow. I don’t want to leech, either, I hate leechers. Anyway, if anyone has any bright idea — and just to let you know, I’ve done a manual install of the patch, I’ve flushed the DNS cache, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled WinMX, I’ve turned Norton AV off during the patch install — everything. I can connect as a primary, but it just doesn’t work right.

Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? 🙂

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