The Full Kari Byron FHM Shoot

Okay, folks. This one will send my hits through the roof again. I haven’t been paying attention, but FHM has posted the Kari Byron photo shoot along with a link to the video that I linked to before. The shoot is entitled “Extreme Science Class”.

I have to admit, I think Ms. Byron (by the way, guys, she’s taken) looks much cuter than she does in these pictures. For some reason — don’t ask me — these pictures are very unflattering to her face (her nose, in particular, I don’t know if I’m just being crazy) while being very flattering to her bust (oh, what wonders a push-up bra can work). I mean, she still looks great, but I defy you to tell me that this — unfortunately somewhat-tame — photoshoot makes her look good as she does when she’s lounging around in jeans and her hair is all scraggly on Mythbusters.

Oh well. The link, again, is:

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