Why I’m not up in arms over the bombing (and jumping on the hype) — Boston Bombings

You may have noticed that while I am from Boston (well, Wellesley, then Cape Cod, and points in-between) — look, people from MA say they’re “from Boston” if they’re from around Boston because the point is, we’re Massholes…people who live in Boston will say, “I’m from the North End”, or “I’m from Southie”, or “I live/d in Boston okay? and Massholes stick together — not like you fakers out on the Left Coast — no offense, props to my people there, shout out to you, sorry, I’m just ranting, painting with a really broad brush.

Anyway, I put this up on FaceBook shouting at my suburban white liberal friends, but these are some of my thoughts on the Boston Bombings, here you go, opinion knowledge bomb incoming.

I just heard someone on the phone say something about…”…she just couldn’t talk to me because she was so upset about the bombings.” (two days ago?) Listen. BostonProud BostonStrong all of that but it’s not a catchphrase or anything, that’s why I haven’t been posting a lot about it. Because I’m also worried you’re all going to do a 9/11 repeat — be REALLY concerned for a few months and then, like, some pop star dies, and that takes over the news, and you just…forget. I said that about 9/11. I didn’t forget about 9/11 and I’ve been warning you guys about it ever since then (the Global Caliphate, sharia law, and all that). You need to WATCH the terrorist videos. If you don’t trust the translations, get an Arab-speaking friend to come over and translate directly. But the point is I’m not making a big deal out of it because horrible stuff goes on EVERY DAY, ask any LE officer (ask Josh Bohm the sh-t he sees EVERY DAY — from so-called AMERICAN “CITIZENS”…sorry to ping you Josh but I’m ranting here, *cough*. So I’m with you, guys, but — are you gonna get all weepy again for a few months and then forget again? Cuz if so, seriously, don’t come crying back to me (or Josh or anyone in LE or the government — even Obama, Obama does half of what he does because YOU voted for it, and you know I’m no Obama fan but the man is POTUS so *show some class and respect for the office, he’s the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD, make fun of him as a MAN, never as a PRESIDENT, you understand the difference?*)

Okay, BostonProud BostonStrong We Shall Never Forget all that, whatever, but I remember all the flag stickers after 9/11 (I didn’t have one — I don’t NEED ONE TO REMIND ME WHAT COUNTRY I’M IN — if you wanna put something like that up, fine, but you LIVE it, too, okay? ‘merica ain’t a fucking BUMPER STICKER, okay?). And I’m out to see my dad. Just fucking listen to me, okay? I’m smarter than you, and you know it (except there’s a select few close to/above/just below my level of intelligence to whom I will listen and you know who you are).

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