Doctor Who — A Doctor Snippet Speech — Is This World Protected?

Okay, first off, new category, since it deserve it: Doctor Who.

Next up, the scene from Doctor Who just is useful in explaining my (and a lot of other Whovians’…and generally civilized people’s) opinion of the world. Not just the US, where I’m writing from, but everywhere. Cuz I’d probably change it to, “The Kipper” and throw in something about individual freedom. Or something. I dunno. I’d just like to talk to a giant eyeball from outer space like this and address it in this manner because, much like The Doctor, I have nothing. To. Lose. 😉 (that’s from another speech) Hey, seriously, if I’m happy now, imagine how much happier I’ll be if I make a little more money here. Anyway, enjoy the speech from The Eleventh Hour, the first with the Eleventh Doctor — remember, this is his regeneration, which is why he’s throwing off the ties (he’s choosing one). And why he likes fishsticks and custard. Right, oy, off you go then.

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