Wedding Bells

Well, there we go! Another one bites the dust! The eminent Mr. Shah has proposed to the love of his life, Heidi, and ceremonies are due to commence next October. To all the friends of Mr. Shah, and to Mr. Shah himself, huzzah! I was wondering how long it would take you!

The few remaining members of the herd of bachelors — I invite you to a private session where we will, without threat of female reprisal, while we still can, pass gas (or make fart noises with our hands), tell crude and sexist jokes, eat legions of Hostess cupcakes dipped in beer, watch football, and generally deride married life until we skulk home to empty beds and suffer another night of existential anguish.

Aw, hell, it ain’t THAT bad.


I still get to be Supreme Galactic Overlord, though, that’s in all the contracts.

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  1. Brian Leilich says:

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