I feel better about the Patriots…

Okay. So we didn’t have any sort of massive implosion again with the Pats this week. This is welcome news. Running backs are actually running, and the Pats seem to have realized they should focus a little bit more on the running game. The defense played very well, and the team as a whole didn’t have that terrible soggy feeling they did last week.

Yeah, I’m a fair weather fan. Sorry. I still split my loyalties between the Patriots and the Raiders, although this year there certainly isn’t much of a decision involved in who to root for.

Strange Goings On have been reported to me from Named Sources, yet I cannot confirm or deny any allegations until I figure out what the hell is going on. This has nothing to do with sports, by the way. Well, I suppose it does. Everything has something to do with sports. Football in particular.

Oh, and big NYAH to the gambling community who had Cincinnati as 5 1/2 point favorites over the Patriots. We covered the spread on THAT one, ya wankers.

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