Turn to Gerry Lange for your real estate needs, not Kip Lange

I’m still highly annoyed that some greying real-estate agent has taken top honors in the Google “Kip Lange” search race. So I thought I’d mention that while I’m not a real estate agent, my father, Gerald “Gerry” Lange (known to some as “Max”, although I still have no idea where he got that nickname, he’s rather coy about it) will take care of your real estate needs in the much-coveted Wellesley and Wellesley area (Natick, Weston, Wayland, and so on).

Go away, other Kip Langes. Just…go…away. Before I have to start shouting, “There can be only one!” whilst swinging around some sort of large head-decapitating sword and waiting for The Quickening.

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