The iPhone 3G lands

Well, the launch wasn’t perfect, but the iPhone 3G is now on the market — and in my hands.

That’s right. I spent seven hours in line yesterday at the Chestnut Hill Mall to get the iPhone. I showed up at 8 AM; stupid me.

Part of the reason the lines are so long is because Apple is pretty much dead set on forcing you to activat the phone in the store. The official line is that people had been having problems doing it at home last time around; the unofficial, and real reason,is that they want to make sure that people don’t take the iPhone home and jailbreak it.

In fact, barely hours after the launch, the new iPhone 3G software had already been cracked and jailbreaking was a possibility.

Certainly didn’t take long, did it?

The new iPhone has a slighter slimmer physique and feels a bit better in the hand than the old one. Aside from that, it runs much faster, it has GPS capabilities, and pretty much everything on it has been made even simpler and more effective. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it; those seven hours in line wore me out pretty bad (and had I know it would take seven hours, no, I would not have waited in line for it yesterday.

But my initial take? Worth it, and definitely worth it at the new cheaper price(s) — $200 for the 8 gig model, $300 for the 16 gig model.

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