Kip Lange, Kip Lange, Kip Lange, and then there was Kip Lange

Sorry for this, folks, but another Kip Lange has taken the top spot on Google searches when you plug in “Kip Lange”. So I’m going to have to do a little bit of a sleazy post here to try to get my page ranking back up.

Kip Lange, Kip Lange, and more Kip Lange. Kip Lange is not Kip Lang but is often misten for Kip Lang and that’s okay because the damn E is silent in the name.

Kip Lange naked, Kip Lange politics, Kip Lange news, Kip Lange biography, Kip Lange philosophy, Kip Lange pornography, Kip Lange sex, Kip Lange drugs, Kip Lange rock and roll.

Nearer my Kip Lange to thee; Kip Lange in California, Kip Lange in Wellesley, Mass., Kip Lange in his momma’s basement, sitting on Kip Lange’s ass.

I’m the real Kip Lange yes I’m the real Kip Lange will all the other Kip Langes please shut up and will the real Kip Lange please stand up, please stand up.

Yes indeedy, I am the Kip Lange of all Kip Langes and I don’t like being knocked down a peg by another, grey-haired Kip Lange who does real estate. In fact, it annoys Mr. Kip Lange very mch that he’s not the first Kip Lange you see when you Google “Kip Lange”.

Okay, okay, Kip Lange will let up here and let you get back to business.

I told you. Kip Lange is shameless, Kip Lange wants hits, and Kip Lange wants to be the pre-eminent Kip Lange and the first Kip Lange you run into when you’re searching for Kip Lange. Or Kip Lang. Or Christopher Lange.

Shameless. Kip Lange knows this bbt Kip Lange can’t help but grin his Kip Lange grin as he writes this shameless plug for Kip Lange, Kip Lang, or whatever you’d like to call Kip Lange.

Okay. Kip Lange is done (and done with speaking in the third person about Kip Lange).

Sorry for wasting your time butI I really want that #1 ranking for “Kip Lange” on Google. Send forth the spiders!

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