The console gaming ugliness truly begins…

With E3 on and the Playstation 3 specs officially announced, the gaming world has erupted into an impenetrable uproar of stupidity. I myself was bothered in the middle of writing a lengthy and rather important email by an IM from somebody who was worked up into a masturbatory froth over their XBox 360 because apparently it will be the first platform that Grand Theft Auto 4 will be released for. Yet a year ago he didn’t care which console the GTA games got released to first because they were “better on the XBox, anyway”.

The PS3 boards are smoking, charred rubbles of discussions that have been decimated by trolls and long flame wars and…speaking as a PS3 fan, everybody shut it. If you really want an amazing gaming platform, buy yourself a computer with a high-end video card and a USB controller. Me, I’m waiting for the PS3. Why? Because I like the Playstation. Just deal with it. Some of you people like the XBox. Fine. Get a 360. Just stop bitching at me that the PS3 is dead, cuz it just ain’t.

Of course, I have much more to say about this, but a full fanboy rant would ruin my chances of sleeping, so I’m hopping off. 🙂

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