Rudy, a message to you…

Listen up. I’m going to say this once. I don’t want to repeat myself.

Rudy Giuliani is the most electable candidate in the Republican primary. And no, he’s not a limp-wristed liberal. By the standard which we should be judging all the candidates — namely, how are they going to fight terror — Rudy wins out, easily, we at least have an idea of how he handles terror. And crime, for that matter, as well.

If you’re a Republican such as myself, please, spare me the hand-wringing and the idea that Fred Thompson can win. Or McCain (he’s simply too old; I know a man who’s met him several times in person who says he looks absolutely awful), and he’s also the asshole who killed political free speech under the guise of “campaign finance reform”.

And if you’re a Democrat, please vote for Obama, because I’d much rather face Obama, with his zero-level experience, than Clinton, who, I hate to say, is an experienced and effective politician. Not that that’s a compliment of any sort.

However, I do think Rudy will beat the crap out of her and save us from the “Bush/Clinton/Bush/Clinton” lines in history books (we’re a fucking republic, for Christ’s sake, we’re not supposed to be an aristocracy…yes, yes, I know, we’re a bit of an oligarchy, but just deal with it and vote Rudy in).

The bombing begins in five minutes.

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