Next-Gen Videogames lacking in playable hours…

I was just discussing this issue last night with a fellow gamer my age (yeah, I know, it’s a bit something to be playing videogames at 32, but I plan to keep going until my damn thumbs fall out).

Anyway, the crux of the issue is this: all these wonderful videogames are being released lately that can be beaten in one sitting. That’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but not much. I’m speaking for the Playstation 3 community, but most of these games are multi-platform, so I’m also talking to 360 fans here.

I mean, let’s review. Call of Duty 4 is over very fast, probably about five hours of gameplay if you try to push yourself. Heavenly Sword is beautiful eye-candy and has some great gameplay, but it’s also over in about five hours (and has no online multiplayer mode, which makes it even worse than Call of Duty 4).

Assassin’s Creed is a great game, but any gamer worth his or her salt is gonna be able to finish that game in, again, 5 to 7 hours.

Now, Uncharted has just been released, and has been getting rave reviews, but it’s also only about five hours worth of gameplay. Ditto with Kain and Lynch. I believe that one is roughly 7 hours.

What gives, game-makers? Especially with the PS3. You have Blu-ray capability and you’re wasting it. These games could easily have been made much longer without having to write massive new amounts of code.

I’m telling you, industry folk, if you release a GTA IV that’s like five hours of gameplay, you’re gonna have a damn riot on your hands.

On the bright side, the games are really starting to impress me, especially the PS3 exclusives — but competition with the Xbox 360 is nothing but good news for everybody. Competition is great. And the 360 is also a fine machine that is getting shafted with small amounts of single-player gameplay.

Anyway, game makers are going to start to lose money from this. People are just not going to pay $60 for a five-hour experience, no matter how intense the five hours are.

I’m just begging you, Ye Vid Gods, make some games with significantly longer single-player time.

This is Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago ,signing off of his rant for the day.

Oh, and 360 fans — let’s band together for an evening and destroy as many Wiis as we can.

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